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Conference Hotel
The main conference hotel is Ning-wozhuang Hotel, located at 20 Middle of Tianshui Rd., Chengguan district in Lanzhou, 800 meters from Lanzhou University and 1.6 km from Lanzhou Waterwheel Expo Park, just 1 block (~1/2 km) North of the Conference venue. A complimentary breakfast and wireless internet is included in the hotel rate. Reservation
A block of rooms has been reserved for the period Oct.21-27 at a rate of ¥480.00 RMB per night (4 star, Tower 8) & ¥800 RMB per night (5 star, tower 2). You must make your room reservations before the Sept. 21st cutoff date in order to guarantee a room at these rates. Please directly to make your reservations using the Registration Form identified option on our conference website. Hotel applications should be submitted not later than*** Sept. 20.***After this date, the requests will be handled on "first come, first served basis“ and will be subject to availability.
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Gansu Ningwozhuang Hotel(甘肃宁卧庄宾馆)

20 Middle Tianshui Road (Tianshui Zhong Lu) ,Downtown Commercial Area,Lanzhou,730000,China

Telephone (+86)0931-8265888,(+86)0931-8271888

 Distance from Conference Center: 600m

Hotel Around
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Lanzhou Legend Hotel(兰州飞天大酒店) 

No. 529, South Tianshui Road, Chengguan, 730000 Lanzhou, China.   


Distance from Conference Center: 500 m.

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Tsuiying Hotel (萃英大酒店)

No. 226 South Tianshui Road , Chengguan, 730000 Lanzhou, China 

Telephone: (+86)0931-8915559 phone: (+86)18693193533

Distance from Conference Center: 600 m.

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Lanzhou Wanda Vista hotel (兰州万达文华酒店)

NO.52 Tianshui North Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, China

Telephone (+86)0931-6128999

 Distance from Conference Center: 1100 m

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Lanzhou Jinjiang Sun Hotel(锦江阳光大酒店)

No.589 West Donggang Road, Chengguan, 730000 Lanzhou, China

Telephone:(+86) 13321221022

Distance from Conference Center: 900 m.

Yujian Zhenpin Hotel (Panxuan Road)


 2 TianshuiRoad(TianshuiLu),Dongfanghong Plaza,Lanzhou,730000,China

Telephone (+86)0931-2551111, 2501111

Distance from Conference Center: 170 m