Dear colleagues,

The deadline of HIAT’18 abstract submission is on 22nd Aug., 2018.

With great pleasure, we announce and invite you to the 14th International Conference on Heavy Ion Accelerator Technology (HIAT’18) that will take place on the campus of IMP/CAS, Lanzhou, China on October 22-26, 2018.
HIAT conference provides a platform for scientists, engineers, students and industrial partners to present and discuss the latest developments of heavy ion accelerator. Over 200 delegates and 20 industry exhibits are expected to be in attendance. Following the tradition of the HIAT conference series, scientific program will consist of invited and contributed oral sessions, poster sessions. Social activities including reception and excursion will also be organized. An industrial exhibition will take place as part of the conference program.

IMP was founded in Lanzhou in l957.  As a national laboratory, IMP operates one major national research facility - the Heavy Ion Research Facility at Lanzhou (HIRFL). A series of remarkable results have been obtained at HIRFL. After a half century of development, IMP has become the most important research center for heavy ion sciences in China. Based on the developments and experience with heavy ion beam accelerators, IMP also takes charge of several new national projects: HIAF, CiADS. We have established active and fruitful collaboration with more than 40 universities and institutions in the worldwide.

The conference venue is IMP Lecture Hall that will cover all the conference scientific programme from Monday to Friday, Oct. 22 to 26, 2018. The scientific programme will be composed of ~50 invited and contributed oral presentations, 2 poster sessions. Sessions will begin each day at 08:30 and end at 18:00, with the exception of Friday 26 Oct., when the conference will be closed at around 15:00.

Conference Classification:
  • Applications
  • Electrostatic Accelerators
  • Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities
  • Room Temperature and Superconducting Cyclotrons
  • Room Temperature and Superconducting Linacs
  • Accelerator System and Components
  • Ion Sources, Traps and Charge Breeding
  • Synchrotrons and Storage Rings
Conference Chair:

Hongwei Zhao (IMP/CAS, China), Chair
Yuan He (IMP/CAS, China), co-Chair
Liangting Sun (IMP/CAS, China), Local Chair

International Advisory Committee:

Ludwig Beck (LMU Munich/Germany)
Giovanni Bisoffi (INFN-LNL/Italy)
Yuan He (IMP/China)
Osamu Kamigaito (RIKEN/Japan)
Dinakar Kanjilal (IUAC/India)
Oliver Kester (TRIUMF/Canada)
Bernard Laune (Orsay/France)
Robert Laxdal (TRIUMF/Canada)
Daniela Leitner  (LBNL/USA)
Nikolai Lobanov (ANU/Australia)
Francis Osswald (IPHC/IN2P3/France)
Richard Pardo (ANL       /USA)
Zhaohua Peng (CIAE/China)
Danilo Rifuggiato (INFN-LNS/Italy)
Kimikazu Sasa (University of Tsukuba/Japan)

Social Program:

The social program is geared to give the delegate a sampling of the sights, tastes and culture of the Lanzhou region. We include here a brief description of the events:

  • Welcome Reception
  • Conference Excursion
  • Conference Banquet
  • Lab tour of IMP
Student Financial Support:

Thanks to Chinese Academy of Sciences and our generous sponsors, all student participants receive discounted registration fee, and a certain number of grants will be offered to students in the field of accelerator science to attend HIAT'18. The grants include a waiver of registration fees and free accommodation.

It is understood that grant recipients will volunteer to act as scientific secretaries (assisting the Session Chairs/running microphones) during one or two sessions.

Sponsors and Exhibitors:
HIAT community relies heavily on the cooperation with the suppliers of Power Supplies, Vacuum Equipments, RF Emmitters, Microwave devices and parts, Cryogenics, High-Precision Manufacturing, Scientific Software and many other kinds. As the greatest event for the HIAT community, HIAT is a perfect stage for your business. For 2018, we aim to strengthen value of the conference, the relevance of the industrial session, and create a strong interaction between industry and students. For more details please contact our local exhibition manager Dr. Liang LU at


Registration for HIAT’18 is now open, which is categorized into: Regular, Student, Extra Exhibitor and Companion. The registration form could be completed by following the appropriate link on the HIAT’18 website.

Registration Fee

Early Bird
(before Aug. 22nd)

(from Aug. 22nd)










Extra Exhibitor Participants


The registration fees includes:
 Reception party
 Lunches and Coffee breaks
 Conference Excursions
 Conference Banquet
 IMP lab tour
Companion fees includes:
Conference Excursion
Conference Banquet
More Details on:
Visa Information:
If you are travelling from outside of China, you may require a visitor visa to enter. Foreign attendees are strongly recommended to apply for the Visa at the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate. Please refer to the Government of China website to check instructions on how to apply.
You could use the Official Invitation Letter to apply the Visa at the nearest Chinese Embassy/Consulate.

Official letters of invitation approved by Chinese Academy Sciences (CAS), which is a supported document to give an assistance to apply the Chinese VISA, can be sent (without financial commitment) upon registered online and indicated the request to local organizing committee. (On the registration form there is a place for you to request a visa letter)
Key Information of the Official Invitation Letters for the VISA application:

  • Register for the conference - Complete the Registration Form online
  • Request the Official Invitation Letter by the Registration Form optional button
  • Supply the following information to indicate the request at your earliest convenience by sending the email to:

     1. Scanned copy of your passport – Personal Information Page
     2. Personal CV (Invited speakers only, required)
Deadline of requiring the Official Invitation Letter: Sept. 20, 2018

It is important to submit your visa application as soon as possible. Allow sufficient time for processing.
Anyone who doesn't need to apply for the VISA please clicks the optional button “General Invitation Letter” in the Registration Form online for a general invitation letter or “No Need” button.

Abstract submission is via JACoW Scientific Programme Management System (SPMS) at:
The Guideline for abstract submission can be found at
Proceedings will be published shortly after the conference on the JACoW website ( ).
Attractions in Lanzhou:
Lanzhou, a city of nearly 3.616 million people in the urban area, is located in northwest of China. It is known as Jincheng (Golden City) in history, enjoys the name as the Major City of the Silk Road, the Pearl of the Yellow River, the Summer Palace of the West, the Capital of Waterwheels, the City of Melons and Fruits. Lanzhou has attractions and sights to suit every taste and interest – and most of them are within walking distance. The three most famous attractions in the city are most likely the more than 100-year old Zhongshan Bridge, the Gansu Provincial Museum that can show you the unique historical inheritance of “The ancient Silk Road extends over 1600 kilometers and the Yellow River Culture survived 8000 years.” and the Waterwheels Park. But Lanzhou has a lot more to offer. The social program is geared to give the delegate a sampling of the sights, tastes and culture of the Lanzhou region. See more @-@:

We are looking forward to seeing you in the Golden City - Lanzhou

Sincerely yours,

Hongwei Zhao - Conference Chair

Yuan He - Co-Chair

Liangting Sun – Local Chair

Authors are encouraged to contact Ms. Lu Li ( if you have any particular questions regarding the HIAT’18 Publication policy and procedures.