Subject/Title Speaker Affiliation Topic
The Juelich High Brilliance Neutron source Paul Zakalek (Ulrich Ruecker) FZ Juelich Applications
Novel methods for the production of radionuclides of medical interest with accelerators Stefano. Corradetti INFN-LNL Applications
Superconducting rotating-gantry for carbon therapy at HIMAC Yoshiyuki Iwata NIRS, Japan Applications 
Status of the SPES Exotic Beam Facility Michele Comunian INFN-LNL Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities
Advances of the FRIB project Jie Wei MSU-NSCL Radioactive Ion beam Facilities
High Intensity heavy ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF) Project Overview Hongwei Zhao IMP Radioactive Ion beam Facilities
Present status of and recent developments at RIKEN RIBF Hiroki Okuno RIKEN Radioactive Ion beam Facilities
Present status of HIRF-CSR complex in Lanzhou Youjin Yuan IMP Room Temperature and Superconducting Cyclotrons
CIADS project overview and CW commissioning of China ADS Front-end demo Linac Zhijun Wang IMP/CAS Room Temperature and Superconducting Linacs
4D emittance measurement Michael Tobias Maier GSI Accelerator System and Components
The new ATLAS In-Flight Facility Clay Dickerson ANL Accelerator System and Components
SHE-Factory: new cyclotron facility for super heavy element research Igor Kalagin JINR Accelerator System and Components
Latest esxperiences with ECR and EBIS for CARIBU Richard Vondrasek ANL Ion Sources, Traps and Charge Breeding
Trends and challenges in RIB processes (national, european or international overview,tbd) Pierre Delahaye GANIL Ion Sources, Traps and Charge Breeding
Highly charged ECR ion source development at IMP Liangting Sun IMP Ion Sources, Traps and Charge Breeding
Development of 28GHz ECRIS for synthesis of super-heavy elements at RIKEN Takahide Nakagawa RIKEN Ion Sources, Traps and Charge Breeding
The status of accelerator mass spectrometry at CIAE Ming He  CIAE Electrostatic Accelerators