The scientific programme will consist of invited oral, contributed oral, and poster presentations. All contributed papers are to be submitted presuming poster presentation. From these Organizing Committee will decide, on the basis of the abstracts, which papers are suitable for oral presentation.

Abstracts submitted ***before*** JULY 31, 2018 will be considered as candidates for contributed oral presentation. Contributions not selected, together with submissions from Aug. 01, 2018 to Aug. 22, 2018, will be scheduled as poster presentations. The submitting authors of contributions selected for oral presentation will be notified by the end of July.

Abstract submission is open via JACoW's Scientific Program Management System (SPMS) at:

Abstract Submission guideline at:
All oral presentations will take place from Monday to Friday in the Lecture hall of  IMP.
Presentations must be uploaded at least half a day before their scheduled time in order to allow verification and upload to the laptop computer of conference. Note that the computers used for displaying presentations will only be laptop PCs with Windows 7. There will be no provision for authors to use their own computers. The following software will be pre-installed on the computers for the presentations: MS Office 2016, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Acrobat Reader DC. 
The Speaker Presentations Office is located near conference hall. All speakers are encouraged to visit this room the day before their presentation to verify their presentation on laptops identical to those being used in the auditorium, to ensure beforehand that their presentations will work correctly.
Speaker Presentations Office Hours:
•Sunday, Oct. 21th, 14:00 - 17:30
•Monday to Wednesday, Oct. 15th-18th, 08:15 - 17:00
•Thursday to Friday, Oct. 19th, 08:30 - 10:30
If you are selected as speaker at the Monday morning session, please upload your presentation not later than 8:30 on Oct. 22th.
Please note that in addition to the presentation we require a PDF file of the presentation for inclusion in the conference proceedings. Please make sure the size of your  slides is 16:9,       no any other dimensions will be accepted during this conference.
Each poster will be presented on a single board, whose dimensions are 100 cm (39.4 inches) wide x 240 cm (94.5 inches) high. The suggested usage is the display of an A0 page (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) or US Arch E page (36 in x 48 in) in PORTRAIT orientation on the board. 
Note: Avoid landscape orientation for the A0/Arch E formats, as it will be too wide to fit the poster boards. The Conference Organizers will provide supplies necessary (tape, etc.) for mounting the posters.
The conference proceedings of this HIAT edition will be published at the JACoW website: